Horse Farm Info

Blairwood Farms is a sprawling 100-acre horse farm located in (Burlington County) Columbus, New Jersey at Exit 7 off the New Jersey Turnpike.

The McLaren family purchased the horse farm in 1987. At that time we had a smaller farm near Freehold, New Jersey and we were looking to expand our business. We found this farm, which was in complete ruins. We knew we could make it a beautiful farm with a lot of dedicated hard work.

As we begin our 29th year as a corporate business, we still continue to build and expand our beautiful farm.

All of the barns were restored, and some new ones were built. In March 2000, a new 22 stall barn was built, giving us a total of 77 stalls in three different barn locations.

The horse farm has more than six miles of four board oak fences. Our pastures were planted with the best mix of bluegrass available. Our pastures are fertilized on a regular basis, to ensure the grass is at its best. The 25 individual turnout paddocks are all equipped with automatic water systems. All of our paddocks have alleys between them for your horse’s safety. The tree lined alleys allow for shade throughout the day. In the latter part of the farm consists of larger fields where our year round mares live, and the yearlings are raised. The four large fields have their own run in sheds for shelter and their own automatic watering systems. They are surrounded by alleys and tree lined borders.

Our feeding program consists of western alfalfa hay our grain is a special mix made exclusively for Blairwood Farms. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the variety of horses that we care for broodmares, yearlings,and the racehorse turnouts.